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[SUBS] DBSK x 草彅剛 - 僕らの音楽 (Our Music) 090320

Long time no see ♥ Just a heads-up, but I am currently exactly halfway through subbing 僕らの音楽 after seven hours of work. Halfway through Kotoba ni Dekinai (♥!) to be very exact. BRB. 8DDD;; (if it`s not up by today, it will be by tomorrow)

EDIT: DONE. Twelve hours work in total. There goes a whole day`s worth of studying. I don`t know why I do this D8

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Lastly, everyone, please remember to check out and support cassiopride :D ♥ We need ideas as to how we're going to carry out more international Cassiopeian mass orders and have easier money transfers and stuff and we are kinda...stuck. D;
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[Trans] DBSK - SHINE 2nd Artist Book interviews, Part 5 of 5 - Yunho

Please join in the International Cassiopeia Pre-order Project!

I`m leaving for Sydney (yes, a whole different country) to study in 26 hours so have been really busy with shopping and packing and the like. :( I can`t even cook an egg so thank God I`m staying at a catered residential college, lol. Anyway, settling-in period probably means I`ll have a lot less time to translate or keep up with fandom (I don`t even know how I`ll use the Internet or download anything..) so I`ll probably be a bit absent for a while. The only reason I`m rushing this interview is because I don`t think I`ll be bringing SHINE with me there, lol. :'( Will miss you all ♥ And if you`re from Sydney, please come check on me now and again to make sure I`m not lying in a ditch friendless somewhere ;__;

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Again, please join in the International Cassiopeia Pre-order Project! ♥

Also, you`re free to spam me with anything (Japanese) you`d like translated/subbed. Can`t guarantee when I`ll do it or if I`ll do everything, but I`m out of stuff to work on. ^^; (Provide me with the scans if you`re requesting a magazine translation)

International Cassiopeia Pre-order Project

EDIT 3/10: Guys, please stop placing orders in this post D: cassiopride was created a few weeks ago to carry out this project. If you placed an order here for The Secret Code, I`m sorry but it was not officially recorded m(__)m Please check out cassiopride for more information about the project and to place future orders to support the boys ^^

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If you are from Malaysia/Singapore and are interested in placing an order for Tohoshinki`s The Secret Code (release and expected shipping date: March 25th 2009), please leave a comment with the following details:

a) Location (be state-specific if you are from Malaysia)
b) Do you have a credit card?
c) Would you be able to meet/interested in meeting up with local Cassiopeians?
d) Preferred method of payment?
e) Which edition of The Secret Code you do plan on ordering/how many copies?

*This is for information-collecting purposes ONLY. If response is satisfactory, I will start a separate community to administrate this project - so please help to spread the word, you DON`T need to be an LJ user to join in ^^

I am also looking for representatives to help out in Malaysia. You should preferably be from a region with many other Cassiopeians e.g. KL and must have your own credit card. Please be aware that this is a heavy responsibility and undertaking, and you should be dedicated and have the time and willingness to deal with orders both online and offline. If you want to help out, please let me know!


As mentioned earlier, if you are a non-Malaysian/Singaporean and want to place an individual order, please leave a comment with the following (you MUST have a credit card and Paypal account if you are not Malaysian/Singaporean/Australian - Australian bank transfers are acceptable):

a) Location (please be specific)
b) Which edition of The Secret Code you do plan on ordering/how many copies?

and I`ll calculate how much it will cost - you can then decide if you would like to go ahead with the order. If you want to make mass orders happen in your country too, it is only worthwhile to carry out if there will be a large number of people pre-ordering. So if you`re a member of an international Cassiopeian forum, SPREAD THE WORD!


Note: This plan is currently limited to Japanese releases. For Korean releases, I believe we have a way to not only contribute to their sales, but DONATE GAINS TO CHARITY. The Korean Cassies have been doing it all this while and making our boys proud, so it`s time for us to step up! :D So please, let`s get together and make this work! ^^

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[TRANS] F.T Island - Oh Wonbin's farewell letter

I wouldn`t say I`m a diehard F.T Island fan, but I was still horribly shocked and upset when I found out Wonbin was leaving. :( I used to think of him as "the guy who kind of looks like Golf and Mike, except better"`s kind of sad that I won`t get the opportunity to get to know who he really was now. :(

This (originally posted at ftisland by krillia) was the letter he wrote and read to Primadonna Japan at their fanmeeting yesterday (the 10th of February 2009), which was also the last time he ever performed with F.T Island. It is so, SO heartbreaking and touching :'((((

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[TRANS] DBSK - PINKY 3月: TVXQ tattletales...

Bleh. I was hoping I wouldn`t have to do this any time soon, but okay. :((

PLEASE READ BEFORE PROCEEDING. (This applies to ALL translations.)

1. If you'd like to repost: You may, and you don't have to ask me and wait for a reply before you do so. All I ask is that you please refrain from reposting the ENTIRE translation (quotes/portions are fine) - provide a link back here instead. My translations will always remain public for a reason. (: And please just let me know where you've done the reposting.

2. If you'd like to retranslate: please check with me first and let me know what language you want to retranslate to - I have no problems with retranslating, but it's just unnecessary for ten people to translate the same thing into the same language. So it's first come first serve. (: If you want to collaborate with someone who's already asked to translate it into your language, you can sort that out yourself, but please don't be nasty about it, as the first person gets priority.

3. SOOMPI USERS: Please do not repost any part of my translations in Soompi. There is a really long and unnecessary explanation to go with this, but basically, I don't like how a lot of people at Soompi (regardless of fandom) restrict their information so strictly to the forums because so many people who can't afford or don't want to keep up with it are affected. I dislike how elitist it is. And I've seen how info is mutilated and torn apart in Soompi. AND also, people have been reposting my translations on Soompi without having the decency to even let me know. So please, please, just don't do it. Just providing a link is fine. But till the day Soompi contributors are willing to be generous with their info and share with LJ and the rest of the Internet, my request stays.

I`m sorry if I sound anal about it, but sometimes people are really...insensitive about doing whatever they want with things that others have worked really hard on. What is the point of whoring other people's translations just to get more people to thank you or notice your name? Just tell them you`ve found something interesting and point them to it. :( And it is my dream to render the LJ fandom so strong we will have no need for anything else. >.> Some might say Soompi users feel the same way, but it`s far too difficult to archive something in Soompi - it moves too fast and is filled with too know. anyway, if you want to disagree, go ahead. :( *does a Changmin sigh*

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[TRANS] DBSK - PINKY 3月: Counselor's Office

NO, I am NOT ignoring magnae! D: I had just started on Min`s SHINE interview when I got my hands on my own copy of PINKY 3月号 (yes, the one with the epic major love flail selca shoot) and the interview is just SO. MUCH. LOVE!!! :DDD I just couldn`t wait to share it with you guys, so I`ll just shut up now. Enjoy. \XD/

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P.S. Forgot to say. HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!! :D ♥♥♥
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[SUBS] DBSK Music Japan 090116

NOTE: Has been updated with hardsubs.

A post full of firsts! :D

My first time ever subbing a video and my first time making a wallpaper. (Ok, so the latter wasn't really meant to be shared with anybody and was more of a 3 a.m. "Crap I need something to fill up my desktop" ten-minute effort, but since it turned out halfway decent I thought someone else might appreciate semi-nekkid Jae. 8D)

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Bonus Jae wallpaper! :D

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