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Long time no see ♥ Just a heads-up, but I am currently exactly halfway through subbing 僕らの音楽 after seven hours of work. Halfway through Kotoba ni Dekinai (♥!) to be very exact. BRB. 8DDD;; (if it`s not up by today, it will be by tomorrow)

EDIT: DONE. Twelve hours work in total. There goes a whole day`s worth of studying. I don`t know why I do this D8

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Lastly, everyone, please remember to check out and support cassiopride :D ♥ We need ideas as to how we're going to carry out more international Cassiopeian mass orders and have easier money transfers and stuff and we are kinda...stuck. D;
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23 February 2009 @ 11:07 pm
The International Cassiopeia Pre-Order Project is now up and running....under a different (shinier) name, and we've got our own community! :D

cassiopride cassiopride cassiopride

It`s now open to Cassiopeians EVERYWHERE, so definitely join and check it out! :D ♥♥

Orders for The Secret Code close March 9, 2009!
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Please join in the International Cassiopeia Pre-order Project!

I`m leaving for Sydney (yes, a whole different country) to study in 26 hours so have been really busy with shopping and packing and the like. :( I can`t even cook an egg so thank God I`m staying at a catered residential college, lol. Anyway, settling-in period probably means I`ll have a lot less time to translate or keep up with fandom (I don`t even know how I`ll use the Internet or download anything..) so I`ll probably be a bit absent for a while. The only reason I`m rushing this interview is because I don`t think I`ll be bringing SHINE with me there, lol. :'( Will miss you all ♥ And if you`re from Sydney, please come check on me now and again to make sure I`m not lying in a ditch friendless somewhere ;__;

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Again, please join in the International Cassiopeia Pre-order Project! ♥

Also, you`re free to spam me with anything (Japanese) you`d like translated/subbed. Can`t guarantee when I`ll do it or if I`ll do everything, but I`m out of stuff to work on. ^^; (Provide me with the scans if you`re requesting a magazine translation)
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